Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nail Art Designs: Chevron French Manicure

I just removed the nailpolish on my nails few days ago but  after seeing simple tutorial, I wan to have my nails done one again. I think this Chevron French manicure style is just so easy to do provided that you have that thin brush. I have to try this on the weekend when I have time. You see, chevron prints are very “ ïn” these days, I can see them on clothes, furniture and now on nails. I have to try this nail art for I’m already getting bored with just plain colored manicure.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sheer Fashion/ Style

I bought a sheer mustard / yellowish long sleeves with Chinese collar shirt (similar to the photo below) about a month ago and I love it. I love the texture of the cloth as it is so soft plus I never thought that mustard color will suit my skin color. I got a small size but wishing there's an xs but with no choice I still got it coz I couldn't resist the style and how it falls on my body. I already used it when I was in Singapore the other week and it's perfect for the cool rainy weather there. I paired it with a skinny jeans and a sandals.

I made a set at Polyvore and it looks like this. You can wear this type of clothes even if you're a student, an event planner, doctor, accountant or have any other jobs. You can tuck the shirt in if you like or wear it with a wedge or a sandals for more comfort. To complete the look, a gray bag , a Ray Ban aviator and a statement turquoise ring can be worn.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Layering Watches with Bracelets

This trend has been in for a while but I noticed that it is ïn these days. I personally love this look and I do layer at times. It’s like an art, mixing and matching oversized watch with beads, leather or bracelets made of other materials. I love putting 2-3 bracelets with my watch but going more than that make my hand look like I already need a bracelet organizer ..lol. Don’t go overboard in putting too much bracelets though.

Here are some samples that you can imitate. Don’t be afraid to experiment to get the look that you wanted.




Friday, July 13, 2012

Music Festival Syle/ Fashion

I'm still very young when the famous Woodstock music festival in 1969 was held. How'd I wish I can attend modern music festivals in our area for I bet it's awesome to experience such. Poor me, I'm only contented hearing music with my headphones in the comforts of my room and disregarding the would be awesome experience outside of my home.

Anyway, musical festivals do happen every year in our area so I still have many chances to attend. In the meantime, here's a Music Festival Style or fashion that I found so cool.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tunic Dress with Chevron Pattern



Lately, chervron patterns are making waves and I have to say that I’m loving it as well. I’ve been seeing it used not only on clothes but on various items as well. These tunic dress used a chevron pattern that looks so refreshing. I love the red color paired with that bib necklace. This dress is made of 100% polyester and can be bought at reddressboutique.com but unfortunately it’s out of stock at the moment since it’s only priced at $48 so many are buying them.

My Daydreams

I was daydreaming these past few days and it gave me lots of chuckles everytime I try to recall all the things that I wanted to do, to go or things that I want to have. Like they say, it's free to dream so why not dream big. I particularly dreamed of stepping foot in France and seeing the Eiffel tower. This has been a life long dream for years now and in fact, I also dreamed of it while I'm asleep. Ahhh..

I also dream of taking a vacation in the Bahamas or taking a cruise. Going to the heart of nature where log cabin furniture are plenty. It's also nice to soak in the waters of Maldives or dance with the tribe people of Africa. There's so many places I wanted to go but no budget to go there.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

An Easy Way to Buy Gifts

Some people are wary when it comes to shopping online. What if the product isn't what you expected, or as you had hoped? While it's always good to tred with caution, online shopping can actually make your life a lot easier, rather than cause stress.

An Easy Way to Buy Gifts

Shopping online is a really easy way to buy gifts, and it's very cost effective. Once you begin shopping online you will find that it's often cheaper to order online and have a product delivered to your door than it is to drive out to the store, spending your time waiting in queues and searching shelves for the items you came for.

When you shop online, you can browse through multiple stores from the comfort of your living room. You can even check out inventory while relaxing in your pajamas. Websites such as cashback.rewardit.com offer you a one-stop shopping opportunity. When you shop from legitimate retailers like the ones found on cashback.rewardit.com, you don't have to worry about stolen information or low-quality products. You can even get heavily discounted items from shopping online.

Earn Money and Rewards Online

In addition to discounts, you can earn money and rewards online so your shopping is not only easy, but you can even get some items for free. To do this, simply create an account with a site such as cashback.rewardit.com and shop or surf. You earn points that go toward rewards and cash back as you browse the Internet from the cashback.rewardit.com website. You can also fill out surveys to earn money and rewards online.

At first this might seem too good to be true, but really, cashback.rewardit.com makes a website that creates winning situations for everyone involved. Businesses expect cashback.rewardit.com to draw shoppers towards their products and to generate publicity. As shoppers, you get convenient shopping and browsing opportunities, and you get rewarded for taking the time to browse by earning money and rewards online, which you can use for gifts.

Types of Gifts You Can Get Online

One you start shopping online, you will discover that your shopping choices are practically limitless. You can get everything from gift cards to electronics, books, and clothing. When you purchase items from legitimate retailers such as the ones found on cashback.rewardit.com, you will find that return policies are very fair and realistic if a product isn't satisfactory. To find these retailers, just go to the rewardit store and select the gift you wish to purchase.

Thanks to programs that allow you to earn money and rewards as you browse and shop online, you will find a shopping experience like none other. Shopping for gifts has never been easier.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gardening Fashion / Style

Who says you can't be fashionable when you are gardening? Get your comfortable pair of jeans or shorts and paired it with a cotton or soft shirt or spaghetti tank top and you'll look great while gardening. Tie up your hair if you have a long one so it will not get into your face while working.  Wear your crocs or fashionable rain boots, put on your colorful gloves and summer hat and you'll be strutting in your garden.

While you are mowing your garden or even reading reel mower reviews don't forget to smile or be happy. Here are some gardening fashion / style that you can imitate. The best thing about gardening is that you can be at one with nature and it can be relaxing as well. Gardening

The Great Outdoors Gardening

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