Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Science of Luminaze

imageIt’s sad to say that I’m not blessed with a really good skin. At my age, I still worry about my acne that appears from time to time after eating nuts that I guess I’m allergic to eat. Lines are also visible. The laugh lines and the crow’s feet are undeniably noticeable as well but I know there are products now that can minimize their appearances.

Another problem that many people encounter is age spots or sunspots. Not only it comes with aging but also because of too many factors. Exposing yourself to too much sun can cause your skin to wrinkle and have dark spots or blotches. It’s unsightly to see and most women are very conscious when it comes to their face. Unhealthy living and that includes smoking, drinking too much alcohol, staying up so late, lack of exercise, low in veggies and fruits, high in fats and sugar also contributes to our skin’s fast aging. Notice the skin of people that are smoker and heavy drinkers, their skin looks dry and wrinkled already.

These days, we are fortunate that there are many products that can help minimize if not totally eliminate those blotchy and dark spots in our skin. Luminaze is a new beauty product that is formulated to repair blotchy skin appearances without any harmful chemicals in it. Luminaze doesn’t have toxic hydroquinone chemical that most whitening creams or products uses making it more safe and natural. It’s fragrance free and hypo-allergenic and can be used everyday.

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