Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Protecting Ourselves from Payment Fraud and Identity Theft with a Secure Wallet

Wow, how many times we have heard stories about people being asked by their credit companies to pay an ample amount of money in their credit cards eventhough they have not used it? I have friends gone mad when they learned that their credit cards have been used by others in purchasing even though the crooks don;t have my friend's credit cards on hand. Their credit cards are have been "stolen" thorough what they call credit card skimming. They learned that their cards might have been skimmed on a skimmer apparatus by employees of a restaurant. They credit card's info are stolen and they managed to make a new fake credit card t be used.

Anyway, not that credit cards’ info can now be stolen without being skimmed because, those cards with RFID (radio frequency identification) chips can be read by machines and your data can be stolen. Wow.  We need to buy  rfid blocking wallets from secure wallet to protect ourselves from that modus operandi.

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