Saturday, February 4, 2012

Julep Nail Polish

One of the things I do on my “ME” times is either call my manicurist for manicure/pedicure home service or do it myself. Nothing beats clean nails all the time and it’s even more nice to have nail polish on them. I’ve experimented on various colors before but now I always choose dark red or darker shade of colors for they can make my skin a little bit brighter.

If you don’t have time to go to the salon to have your nails done or you simply don’t want to pay the hefty service fee, you can always do your own nails. Just buy nail polish like Julep that costs $14.00 and the nail tools/set and you’re ready to do your nails. There are just too many to pick from and I know you’ll be excited to have your nails done.
julep nail polish

There are so many nail polish colors to choose from and I reckon you can choose shade depending on your mood, personality and wardrobe. Just like me, you need to experiment on different types of colors and designs so you can know what suits you best. Also, choose a nail polish that has no harsh chemical ingredients that can make your nails turn yellow and chip easily. Polishes also come in a variety of finishes it can be either matte or glittery and there are those that are quick drying.

I’ve been looking for some new designs and I have to try these crescent moon and the glitters on tip soon.

julep nail polishjulep nail polish

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  1. When using nail polish, make sure that it is made from acrylic because they make the best surface appearance compared to lacquer. `"*:.

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