What a Lovely Neat Kitchen

January 30, 2012 0 Comments A+ a-

Source: bhg.com via Christine on Pinterest

So, I've been pinterest-ing almost everyday because it gives me so much ideas that I can use or dream about. This kitchen is to die for and I wanted our to look like this. Though it is very impossible for us to have this, well it'll be in my dream list. This summer, I'm set to have our living room, my room and the kitchen repainted. I wanted a white paint but mom ws quick to dis-agree on that and just wanted to just have a beige one. Hmmmm... I want white wahh!!

Anyway, I also need to look for some new door kick plates that we also need. I'm just excited on our upcoming mini-house makeover soon for it also the time to purge some things inside my room and the rest of the house. It'll be also a major house cleaning

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