Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY Crystal Necklace

I've been seeing lots of nice chunky necklaces these days and they are awesome accessories to wear if you want your wardrobe to have some sparkle or an instant lift. There are lots of necklaces available at many stores and they even have different types to suit the neckline of the blouse or shirt that you are wearing.

If you feel like being creative today, you can make your own easy DIY crystal necklace especially if you already have some tools that you will need. I have tried making some bracelets and necklaces before using various crystals and beads so this DIY tutorial will be easy for me and I'm sure for you all. I found this at POLYVORE and it's worth sharing. I know a lot of women are into accessories and into craft so making your own will make it more personalized. You can even give these as gifts to your girl friends.

DIY: Crystal Necklace

Materials needed:
wire cutters and pliers
crystals (with holes),
eye pins (one per crystal)

First, cut the chain to your desired length and attach a clasp to the end using pliers. Lay out the chain and figure out where you'll attach the crystals. Next, loop an eye pin through the hole in the top of the crystal and wrap and secure the pin through the chain. Do this last step for each of the crystals.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Online Shopping Helps You to Lay Your Hands upon the Best Technical Gadgets for Your Loved Ones

Are you more than interested to find the best technical gadgets that suit your requirement in an apt way? Well! If that is the real case, then there is no better alternative than opting for online shopping. Online shopping is surely the best way that can help you to explore the world of the real possibilities of all gift items including technical gadgets. The internet is a powerful tool that helps us to spot the best deals in an apt manner.

Consider Online Purchase of Laptops
The fact that one can surf the internet while travelling is one of the prime reasons as to, why most individuals are considering laptops as the best technical gadgets. However, most individuals remain skeptical about the fact as to whether buying laptops online is a safe option? The fact that you can seek advantage of convenience, price evaluation, product reviews and discount coupons is the prime reason as to why purchasing laptops online is the best option.

Online Shopping Presents with a Wider Range
There can be little doubt about the fact that laptop is the best personal secretary of any individual. The laptop is surely the best technical gadget with the help of which you can store important files and schedules too. By performing an online purchase of laptops, you can lay your hands on a wider range of choices. You can gain access to the latest version of the above-mentioned technological gadget by the simple click of a mouse. If you are looking ahead to find the best deals in laptops, you can always search the online shopping portals. The shopping portals will enable you to perform an effective comparison on the different laptop accessories available.

Online Shopping of Laptops is Cost Effective
It is always judicious to perform an exhaustive research since the model and features of laptops keeps changing with every single year. Performing an online purchase of laptops enables you to evaluate the prices in a detailed manner. You can always launch an exhaustive evaluation of the laptop prices from the different websites that are dedicated to making available the technical gadgets. The fact that online shops hardly require any substantial amount of maintenance cost is one of the main reasons as how you can find the laptops with a reasonable cost.

Purchasing laptops or any other gadget online will also help to save a considerable amount of time. You hardly need to undergo physical labor similar to that of walking, traveling and parking. It is important to come to terms with the vital piece of information that buying laptops or other gadgets from electronic retailers is a safe option as long as they are from recognized and authorized retailers. Online shopping is growing in significance with the gradual passage of time.

There was the time when it was really hard to decide a gift for your loved ones and it was even harder to look for it in the market. One just had to struggle to find a perfect piece that can really bring smile on his/her face. But today with the development in technology and online shopping getting so popular, it has really become easy to search for a perfect gift for your loved one. You can even look for the best technical gadgets and shop for them online so as to present them to your loved one.

You can always adopt the concept of online shopping so as to buy different accessories too such as electronics, books, apparels and CDs. Online shopping is also the perfect means that can help you to find items such as jewelry, clothing and other great gift items for your loved ones. Most major brands dealing with different technical gadgets including laptops are considering the option of online shopping.

Buying gadgets online and getting them insured is always a smart idea. There are many online sites that are offering easy and affordable insurance for your precious gadgets. is a good option to go with when planning to get reliable insurance for your gadgets. So, shop online and change the way you had been shopping till now. Make your shopping easy and affordable and get the best gadgets at best possible price.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Basics

Check out this new MATTE palette by Urban Decay at for $27.00.

Urban Decay NAKED BASICS features 6 neutral shades such as:

1. Venus (soft, off-white demi-matte)
2. Foxy (very light yellow/white matte)
3. Walk of Shame (very light nude matte)
4. Naked2 (taupe matte)
5. Faint (warm, dusty brown matte)
6. Crave (deepest, darkest brown/black matte)


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Urban Decay Naked Basics"][/caption]

Bags, Bags and more Discount bags!

I personally love bags, bags and bags!! When I was younger, my mom would always ask me why I buy lots bags all the time. I always replied that I love bags so much and even got to a point that I will not show the bag that I have bought so she’ll not notice it. Back then, when I still don’t have a big budget to splurge on bags I end up buying faux leather on different sizes and shapes. They usually don’t last long because the materials are of poor quality.

These days, I’m trying to invest on quality bags as I already got tired of bags ripping fast. In the end it’s just a waste of money for I end up buying one bag to another. Now, I love leather bags especially those that are made of pebbled leather bags that are soft and good quality. I have authentic leather bags from Coach, Kate Spade, Esprit and Kenneth Cole. While I also have Cole Haan and Long Champ made of other materials. So far so good, they are good brands and have good quality materials as well.

I’m also dreaming of having bags from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Celine, Tods, and even Prada but at this point I still don’t have enough courage and money to buy too expensive bags. But in the future, I’ll invest on those branded bags if I can already afford them especially that Moda Queen online has discounts on various bags. I was in admiration on Discount prada bags, Gucci, Tods, Fendi and more that they are selling on the site. They have bags, wallets, sunglasses, clothing and accessories both for men and women.

Here are some of the bags that made me drool and want to have.

Prada Leather Handbag BR3571 - RedPrada Nappa Gaufre Leather Shoulder Bag BR4694 - Brown
Gucci Shiny Shoulder Bag - CrystalTod's Miky Large Handbag - Camel

House Slippers in Style

At home, I always see to it that I wear house slippers for I just hate the feeling of walking barefoot. Our flooring is made of marble tiles so it’s kinda cold when you have no slippers on. Slippers can also protect us from dust, wet floor if you spill any and it’s just like walking outside I feel naked without it at home. And with the cool weather creeping in it would be nice to have comfy house slippers that can warm my feet.

I was more than happy to find Dear Foams for they have wide array of house slipper not just for women and kids but also house slippers for men. It varies from open toe, mary jane, clog, bootie, ballerina, boater moc, file cuff, thong and peep toe. There are just too many colors, designs  and styles to choose from.

Here are some of their super comfy house slippers in style. Don’t you just love wearing slippers when if it is soft, comfortable and stylish? I don’t mind wearing them all day at the house.

 With many years in bsiness in selling original foam cushioned slippers and other footwear, Dear Foams has mastered the art of providing comfort through their footwear that only provides the best cushioning to their customer’s feet. Apart from that, they also offer sleepwear and accessories.

Now that the temperature is dropping everyday on many parts of the world, don’t forget to keep your feet warm and cozy!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

EMERALD: Pantone Color of the Year for 2013

PANTONE, Inc. of is the authority on color and provider of color systems just recently announced that EMERALD is Pantone Color of the Year for 2013.

"Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty
that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."

EMERALD: Pantone Color of the Year 2013EMERALD: Pantone Color of the Year 2013

EMERALD: Pantone Color of the Year 2013

My fave color is green apart from orange and red and now that emerald green is the color for next year, I might have to bring out and use my green shirts and other stuff more often than usual. We'll be saying goodbye to Tangerine Tango (color of year for 2012) soon but a nice lively and vibrant color will enter.
Emerald, a vivid, verdant green, enhances our sense of well-being further by inspiring insight, as well as promoting balance and harmony.

Hello Kitty Earphones

I had my moments again when I need to listen to music to perk me up a little bit. Music is my good companion anytime of the day and any moods in my life. I think I just can't live without it. While browsing online and listening music via my iPhone  saw this Hello Kitty earphones and I hope someone can give me this coz this is so cute. It maybe perfect for teenagers but I think I also deserve to use Hello Kitty stuff once in a while to bring the child in me.

A Much Needed Bike Rack

We all have different hobbies and ways on how to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Others may find walking, running, athletics, dancing and marathon as a form of exercise or hobby.  Some may enjoy being at one with nature doing other outdoor activities that maybe out of the ordinary or extreme at times. Biking is also one of the many hobbies or exercises that anyone can try. There are those who bike for few kilometers just to sweat it out while for those serious bikers joining competitions can also test their endurance.

Last summer, my bro and his family even went biking with our dog one early morning and we had a great time. It was so funny because we could not fit in our bikes inside our Taramaw FX all at once. Wish we had bike racks installed  so we can easily transport them. I'm also hoping that by next summer we can go biking again. I need to check out for suv bike racks soon and will tell my bro that we already need one. bro can opt to have bike rack installed on top or even rear of our vehicle.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Decors at Robinsons Galleria

My nieces and I went to watch Breaking Dawn part 2 at Robinson’s Galleria Movieworld on November 25. After watching the movie, we ate at Pepper Lunch located at the 3rd level of the mall then later on strolled the mall for a while before heading home. Robinsons Galleria in EDSA is one of my favorite malls especially when they have a sale. I remember going there every week even if I’m not going to buy anything hehe. The mall is spacious and tons of designer and brand name stores are also locate inside.

I noticed that the Christmas decors at Robinsons Galleria this year is not that lavish anymore compared to other years when they have much colorful big Christmas balls, Santa and more. I guess maybe they are cost cutting or their theme is just minimalist with navy blue and white theme? This is their décor for this year inverted cone shapes are filled with lights.


Monday, December 10, 2012

Wearing Fur Hats in Style

Winter can be brutally cold in many countries and wearing proper clothing during winter time is a must to keep you warm and comfortable. Investing in durable winter clothes can always save you money for you can always use them over and over again. When it's winter, there are many people who prefer not to go out much for they hate layering and bundling up before they go.

When it's cold that does not mean that you can be styling and fashionable as well. Fur clothing is a perfect choice for winter times as it can also exude sophistication and style.  Fur coats and fox hats of different colors and styles can make your outfit outstanding. Here are some few fur hats available online

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Perfect Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Few more days  from now, kids will be out of school for their Christmas vacation. Before the year ends and before the vacation start, usually mommies and kids prepare gifts for their hardworking and caring teachers as Christmas gifts. Here are some wonderful gift sets from Body Shop that you can choose.

Avail of the 3 and get 1 free(on regular priced gifts and (except: gifts at PHP195, PHP250, Lip and cheek stain) at any Body Shop store. For sure teachers will love these sweet gifts especially when given wholeheartedly.

4 Bands That Need Makeovers for Their Next Concerts

Part of the fun associated with going to a concert is getting to see your favorite bands and musicians up close and personal. Their looks—or lack thereof—probably don't make you like their music any less, but you have to agree that some bands need an update. There are certain iconic musicians who could really benefit from a makeover, especially the following performers.

Kiss unquestionably tops any list of musicians in desperate need of a makeover. Members of the Kiss Army might disagree, but an updated look would only benefit the legendary band. Their look is iconic and it works for them, to an extent. However, their hard-edged glam gimmick needs to take a leap into the 21st century.

By doing so, the boys could instantly make their already exciting concerts even more thrilling. More to the point, a more modern makeover might just increase their exposure and pull in a whole new demographic clamoring for Kiss tickets.

The Rolling Stone
The Rolling Stones have done a better job of keeping their look modern, but that's the problem. They've done a little too much to keep up with the times. Although Mick, especially, is well-known for his flamboyant fashion, the guys are starting to resemble grandfathers clinging to their youthful visions of themselves.

They don't need to start wearing cardigan sweaters or pants that come up to their armpits, but it might not hurt them to lay off metallic shirts and tight pants. With a slightly more subdued look, legions of old fans and new converts will focus on their music.

Aerosmith requires a makeover in much the same way as the Stones. Most of the guys are aging pretty gracefully, but then there's Steven Tyler. Steven is always the exception, isn't he? His desire to stay in the limelight is understandable; he's a TV star now too. However, there's something off-putting about seeing a man his age wearing feather extensions in his hair.

Again, the band doesn't need to completely turn their backs on their fashion roots, but a subtler wardrobe and less makeup might encourage new fans to take them more seriously. Looser pants are much appreciated as well.

Fleetwood Mac
Legions of fans are extremely excited about Fleetwood Mac's reunion tour. They're dying to hear Stevie's haunting voice singing the songs they remember. The tour provides a great chance to introduce new fans to the band's music. It also gives the members the perfect opportunity to update their look and make it more cohesive.

Back in the 1970s, Stevie Nicks made a gorgeous pagan princess. That style still works today, but it would look even better if the band either followed suit or if Stevie toned it down just enough to look like she's actually part of the group.

No matter how they look, these groups are legendary. However, if they want to keep bringing in new fans, a few well-executed makeovers definitely couldn't hurt, don't you agree?

Friday, December 7, 2012

Beautiful Christmas Theme Exhibit at Megamall

Ahhhh. Christmas is here again. It's my favorite time of the year!! The  best times of the year for many of us since it's the time for sharing, giving, loving and being merry. Left and right Christmas parties will be seen once again and not to mention the family reunion and get together will always make Christmas so special. Kids love receiving and opening their gifts. Just seeing the smiles on their faces and thanking us for what they got are priceless.

Here's a beautiful Christmas display exhibit at SM Megamall fee months ago and Actually these display / exhibit were on display at SM Megamall Atrium when we went there on October 27 and I’m not sure if these are still on display at Building B.  The display were awesome and I’m sure many got some inspirations on how they can decorate their homes this Christmas.

Would love to decorate our house with these kinds of decoration but the thing is that we have not much budget but still we're going to celebrate Christmas. Merry Christmas all!

Christmas Carnival Theme

Victorian Christmas Theme

Christmas Safari

Icelandia Christmas Theme – this is my fave!

Christmas Green

Victorian Christmas Theme

Bean Bag Chairs

Bean bag chairs comes in various sizes and shapes and it can serve dual purpose in our homes. Not only it can serve as a seat in any room in our house but definitely it can be a nice piece of furniture that can match any theme. These days, you can see lots of different colors from neutral to bold and even neon colors that can easily catch anyone's attention. Not only that, there are some bean bags available in many stores that has designs and patterns on them. I saw some cartoon character bean bag chairs that can go well with any child's room.

Here are just some of the foambymail bean bag chairs that can opt to purchase. The 3foot foam sack is one-seater and is suited for any child or adult and it is filled with shredded conventional foam perfect for any room. The sizes goes up to 8-foot long and four adults or  six children can sit at the same time thus making it a perfect chair in the living room or entertainment area.

Breast Reduction Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re unhappy with the size of your chest, breast reduction surgery might be the right option for you. It’s available at clinics across the UK and can dramatically improve your confidence, so let’s find out more. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

What happens during a breast reduction procedure?
During a breast reduction – which is medically known as a mammoplasty – fat, glandular tissue and skin is removed from the chest. Each boob is then reshaped to form a smaller cone of breast tissue and the nipples are repositioned as necessary.

What happens after the surgery is complete
After surgery, you’ll normally be taken to a special part of the clinic, where you’ll be monitored by highly-trained staff. Your dressings will be changed accordingly and you might be asked to wear a surgical bra to help with recovery. Many patients are let home the same day, but there’s usually no need to worry if you have to stay longer

How long will it take to recover?
Of course, every patient is different, but it should only take a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to subside. Stitches will normally dissolve and if any clips have been removed, they’ll be taken out as soon as possible. The incision wounds will take longer to heal and will probably leave small scars – but these should become less visible with time.

Who will carry out the boob job?
Like a breast enlargement procedure a reduction requires skill and concentration, so it’s important to know who will be operating on you. NHS consultants will be registered with the General Medical Council and should hold a license to practice with Britain’s governing body, so don’t be afraid to double check their qualifications and reputation.

What is the benefit of a breast reduction?
According to the NHS Choices website, a large chest can cause many physical ailments including backache, poor posture, shoulder pain, excessive sweating and skin irritations. As a breast reduction decreases the size of the chest, it can often help to ease these problems, so it’s worth finding out more.

Are the results permanent?
The skin and tissue removed will be gone for good, but it’s important to remember that breasts can grow again if you put on weight. They also react to hormonal changes and can grow bigger during pregnancy and the menopause, so it’s wise to keep this in mind before arranging surgery.

If you have a specific question in mind, don’t forget to ask your surgeon at a pre-surgery consultation.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Beautiful Handmade Ribbons/ Headbands and more by Dainty Ashley

A friend of mine is making beautiful ribbons for babies and kids and all hand-made with love. I ordered some headbands as gifts for my nieces and they are all cute and well made. Check out her collections at their Facebook page: and be sure to order as early as you can if you want to give them as gifts this Christmas.

Dainty Ashley is all about handmade dainty hair trinkets and bows for your little girl. Every little girl is beautiful. To accentuate your little girl’s natural beauty is our Mission.
Dainty Ashley was inspired by our love for baby headbands and seeing how cuter a baby or a little girl will look donning such intricate dainty hair pieces. Our Bowtique consists of quality handmade hair bows, hair clips, ponytails, and headbands for newborns, infants, little girls, and yes, even for the little girls at heart.

There are many more different styles of ribbons and clips that you can choose from.
Raine- by Dainty Ashley

Raine -Price: Php 250/pair
Carys by Dainty AshleyCarys- Price: Php 250

I ordered Hannah, Autumn, Kelsey, and Lily collection. They are actually on sale now!

Here's my niece modeling the Hannah Bow Clip with Headband at Php125.00 each only.  I chose the Island Blue color so that it will match her school uniform. Actually she loves the ribbon so much that she wanted to use it everyday.

"Don't's" for Your Prom Tuxedo

Your prom night is one of the biggest nights of your high-school career. It's a chance to stand out and to make memories that will last for years to come. It's important to look your best -- because even if you can blot out the memory of that terrible haircut, the pictures won't forget.

For men, the prom tuxedo makes the look. Make sure you look your best by remembering some of these prom tuxedo "don'ts" and being careful not to make these mistakes:

Don't Button Up Every Last Button

Typically, the more buttons on your jacket, the more formal the style. But that doesn't have to mean that you button up every last button to finish the look. You can look smooth and polished with a formal coat, but you should still leave the last button (or two) undone. Otherwise, you are going to look like tight-wrapped salami in your coat -- and that's not sexy.

Don't Clash with Your Date

You may have your sights set on a retro powder-blue prom tuxedo, but if your date plans to wear a stunning and sophisticated crimson gown, you are going to make both of you look ridiculous. Make sure you coordinate with your date to ensure that your styles and colors are complimentary, making you both look your best.

Don't Overlook Your Shoes

Your shoes aren't just functional coverings that protect you from stepping on a random nail in the parking lot. They help complete your outfit. Make sure your socks and your shoes match the color and style of your tux for a complete, polished look.

You want to look your best on your prom night, and your choices for your prom tuxedo can make a big difference. You don't need a professional stylist to make you look like James Bond -- you just need to make sure you stay away from these prom "don'ts."

Friday, November 23, 2012

TOMS Give Fair and Project Pearls

PROJECT PEARLS - is a non-profit organization helping the poorest of the poor children in the Philippines. Their mission is to help the underprivileged children in the Philippines by giving them PEACE, EDUCATION, ASPIRATION, RESPECT, LOVE, SMILES. 

Project Pearls teamed with TOMS Philippines to bring TOMS GIVE FAIR on November 24-25, 2012 at 11 am-9pm at the Town Plaza, Alabang Town.

If you buy a pair of TOMS, they will give one pair of toms to a kid in need. Also, to help the said event, Project PEARLS will be selling bracelets that are reasonable prices just like at the photo below. Those bracelets are hand-crafted by their  volunteers and  100% proceeds will go to our Pre-School Scholarship Program. Let is support Project Pearls and TOMS.

Camping Supplies That You Need

If you’re the type of a person that loves nature, chances are you already have done some of the exciting outdoor activities. Such activities include hiking, mountain climbing, camping and more. When you go on this kind of adventure or trip again or for those first timers, you need to bring necessary camping and outdoor gears and supplies that you’ll need.

Camping and other outdoor activities are fun and exciting so be sure bring also your cameras or camcoders to capture all the special moments and adventures that you'll have in the wilderness.

Just remember that where you are already in the middle of the woods, there is a possibility that you might not find any stores where you can buy something that you forgot to bring. Therefore, always be sure that you carry all your stuff before you leave your house. It doesn’t mean that you bring a lot of stuff because it’ll e hard for you to carry them around, just bring necessary stuff. Make a list so you’ll not forget.

You can purchase camping supplies at campbound like tents, sleeping bags, cookware, backpacks and whole lot more.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Look of the Day: In Shorts

I seldom wear shorts when I go out because I'm not confident but for today I did. I went out for a quick errand at the bank and here is what I wore. My navy blue Cotton On shorts, red belt, Penshoppe stripes shirt, over-sized leather DKNY watch and some arm candies bought from a friend.

I feel and look young when I wore something like this, not my everyday outfit though but it's nice anyway..

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Getting Shopping Deals at Shiloh's List

There’s no doubt that shopping online has become one of the ways shoppers purchase for items that they like. The evolution of the internet has paved the way for shopping at the comforts of our homes. These days, more online stores are thriving while more and more consumers are enticed to shop online for it has many benefits as well.

Every consumer also wants to save even while they are shopping and that is why those stores that often offer sales, discounts and bargains also have a lot of customers and even sales than those that offer incentive for their clients.

Also, a lot of group buying sites are coming up offering good shopping deals to all the customers. Shiloh's List is one of the emerging group-buying sites in the Philippines now where they offer quality products and services from companies at discounted prices. Apart from the various deals at their site, they have this Reward Points system wherein their customers get points when they shop and once accumulated they can buy it from the store.

Shiloh's List

Upcoming events from Shiloh’s List is their Grand Launch Party on Nov. 22nd at Venice Piazza. There’ll be a concert, fashion show and grand raffle draw wherein they will give lots of prizes that include ZERONA - Zerona Basic Package. The said party will be sponsored by Pepsi, Cable Link and Slimmers World.

Sign up and check out various deals at their site. Like their Facebook page at to know more about their deals and upcoming exciting events. Now, shoppers have more reasons to shop and enjoy good deals.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

iPanema Spoil your Sole Brazilian Cruise Promo

iPanema Spoil your Sole Brazilian Cruise Promo

Hey iPanema lovers don't forget to miss this iPanema Spoil your Sole Brazilian Cruise Promo because you might win that 5 days,4 nights Royal Caribbean cruise for two in Brazil. Ahhh ... that would be fun!!

How to join:
Simply purchase any pair of Ipanema slippers from November 5, 2012 to February 5, 2013 at any stores and just enter your promo code in their app to join the promo: www.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Stylish and Chic Exercise Attire

These days, getting enough exercise so that our body will stay in shape is one of the best things that we can give our body. Physical exercise need not to be so strenuous to the point that you hate going to the gym anymore because you always come home with aching and sore body. Exercise can be in the form of walking, zumba dance exercise, running, lifting weights, and more. Just find the right exercise your body and your lifestyle and stick with it. Level up if you think your body has adjusted or can do more hard or more advance exercises.

In no time, you'll notice that your body will be more fit after your regular exercise or by drinking the best creatine supplement that you need if you are also into sports.You also don't need to have big muscles just to let others you are sporty or fit too.

Who said that you can't be stylish when you are exercising? Going to the gym, park or at even at your home can be chic as well. Here are some few fitness or exercise attires that you can wear while sweating it out.

Exercise Monday -Saturday!


Oh... I want an Oversized 2-tone Michael Kors Watch !!

A friend bought this beautiful oversized 2-tone Michael Kors watch and when I saw this my heart jumped! LoL. At first, it looked so big on me but when I tried it on, it looks fine on my skinny hand. It's an oversize watch so it's really big, I think I can suit me :).

I asked our friend F in the US who is selling watches and branded bags if she still has a stock on this watch but unfortunately, there's no more. I just placed my order on it and once she got another stock, she'll contact me. Since this will be coming from the US, I know it will take few more months to get it.

Yay! Now, for sure this will not let me sleep until I have it.. Sure sign of a watch addict eh? !!

Isn't this cute? Perfect to wear with my hand candies too! Ahhh.. I can't wait.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Argan Oil: Food for Your Body and Your Skin!

Sure, we all want to have beautiful skin and healthy hair as it is everyone’s dream most especially women. Not all are blessed with great skin and hair but some people are just born lucky. I always envy women with soft and flawless skin and those with shiny long black hair. My thick hair, which is often unmanageable, has made me think of undergoing an intense hair restoration to keep it from being dry and brittle.

I learned that there are many factors that also contribute in the dullness of our hair and skin and that include our diet and genetic make-up. However, these days more and more products are developed and found out to very effective in treating different kind of skin problems and flaws. Argan oil, which came from a nut of an Argan tree from Morocco has been known to do wonders in our body. The cosmetic oil of Argan or the Argan oil is the food for our body, hair and skin as what experts say. Studies showed that it can prevent wrinkles, creases, crow’s feet and can rejuvenate dull skin and hair when used religiously even with just few drops every day

I’m very positive that many women wish to have a skin that is glowing and hair that is so radiant and this Moroccan Argan oil will be the answer to our beauty problems. This organic, which is cultivated free of pesticide and eco-friendly oil can do wonders on our body by renewing cells because of its high antioxidant component.

Now, knowing all the benefits that this miracle oil can do in our body, I am more than decided to include it on my skincare regimen soon for I’m totally dedicated in finding the best solution for my lifeless skin and hair.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Keep your Appointments etc. Organized with your Journals/Planners 2013

The year is about to end in few more days and I guess you want to get hold of another planner / journal for 2013 to keep your appointments or  meetings organized. I'm not good in keeping a journal so I'm not really keen on buying any but I have a lot of friends that love to keep their thoughts and lots of things on their planners. Here are some journals / planners for 2013 that you might want to get for yourself or probably a gift for your friends this Christmas.

1. Moleskine Planner 2013

[caption id="attachment_929" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="moleskine daily planner"]moleskine daily planner[/caption]

2. Belle De Jour Power Planner - available at for Php648 (leatherette cover)

[caption id="attachment_930" align="aligncenter" width="272" caption="Belle De Jour Power Planner from"]Belle De Jour Power Planner[/caption]

3.Paulo Coelho Transformations Day Planner 2013 -available at National Bookstore for Php495.00

[caption id="attachment_931" align="aligncenter" width="210" caption="Paulo Coelho Transformations 2013 Planner from"][/caption]

4. Starbucks Planner 2013


[caption id="attachment_934" align="aligncenter" width="480" caption="Starbucks Planner 2013 "][/caption]

What about you, do you keep a planner, journal or a diary?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass Inspired Outfit

Still remember Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" song? All of us went ga-ga over that song and we could not help ourselves dancing and singing that song. Why not? It's upbeat and a great dance song, kids (that includes my 9 yr old niece) also enjoyed it too.

It's pretty easy to get Nicki Minaj's outfit just like on her Super Bass video. Oh to complete the outfit, it would be great if you also have a Fender Precision Bass to go well with your outfit.
1. Find a pink long hair wig
2. White tank top
3. Jeans shorts
4. Doc Martens pink boots

Super bass

Versatile Sarong

We are still in the middle of rainy season yet I’m already thinking of summer. Ahhh… why not? Summer is a time to go to many destinations most especially the beach and have some fun. I just love the cool breeze of the wind and the sun sans humidity when I’m in the beach area or on top of a mountain resort. How’d I wish life can be laid-back all the time.

Wearing a maxi dress, shorts, tank top, loose pants with thin material and sarong are just some of the perfect summer get-up. Nothing beats the comfort that they can give during summer but that doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable when you wear them.

Sarong is a very versatile fabric that can be used as a clothing, head scarves, blanket, shawl or even as a towel. Versatile as it is, it also can be worn in so many ways. Even I was surprised to know that sarong can be tied up beautifully in variety of ways to make it more fashionable. It’s good to find a site that shows how to tie a sarong in so many ways I can imagine.

My fave sarong are the full ones and those that have colorful prints but there are also mini-sarongs and solid colored ones that you can opt to choose depending on your taste.

Here are my top sarong picks:

Sequined / Embroidered / "Floral-10" w/ Butterflies Sarong "Turquoise"Sarong w/ Triple Embroidery "Orange"-

Cute Hello Kitty Figurines by Swarovski

Our all-time favorite super cute cat, Hello Kitty is made into figurines. Hello Kitty Figurines by Swarovski are now available at their site Hello Kitty lovers and collectors, you should not miss this 2012 collection because some are Limited Edition only just like the Hello Kitty Hearts ($600- wow!) that has cute pink hearts and bow.

Hello Kitty Hearts, Limited Edition 2012

Hello Kitty Gold Bow - priced at $140 wears a rockstar inspired outfit. Approximate size: 1 9/16 x 2 3/16 inches
Hello Kitty Gold BowHello Kitty Santa

Hello Kitty Pink BowHello Kitty BearHello Kitty Red Apple

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fashionable Medical Lab Coats

Medical professionals need not to be left behind when it comes to fashion. Wearing white uniforms can be boring at times but thankfully they can now buy medical scrubs that comes in variety of colors and patterns that they can use in their hospital duties. During my medical years many years ago, those pattern scrubs are still non-existent so seeing my former colleagues with their new uniforms is just refreshing.

However, white lab coats will never go out of style and use but medical professional need to make sure that only use and buy comfortable coats for most of the times their duties can be pretty hectic and toxic as we call it.

Arm Candies / Bracelets Galore

These days, arm candies of different styles, materials and colors make women drool.These accessories are the fad these days and it's also nice to pair them with bulky or big leather or metallic watches. Just don't overdo it too much, maybe 3 bracelets of your choice and a watch will be enough to make a statement. Actually, I ordered some few colorful faux leather bracelets from my friend and I'm kinda excited to finally have it and use them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lanyard Accessories

If you think that lanyards are only used to hold IDs or keys, then think again. These days, almost all items can be made into jewelries or accessories. Just take a look at this lanyard made into a decorative necklace. They are perfect as gifts or give-aways  during birthday parties, anniversaries or company events. Just be creative and who knows you'll come up with beautiful accessories that you can use for personal use or you can even sell them.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="291"]Avengers Lanyard Avengers Lanyard Necklace from[/caption]


Monday, October 22, 2012

Victoria's Secret's Million-Dollar Floral Fantasy Bra for 2012

Once again Victoria's Secret came up with this jaw-dropping Floral Fantasy Bra for 2012. Model Alessandra Ambrosio wore this beautiful work of art collection by Victoria's Secret in New York and it costs $2.5 million.

This FLORAL FANTASY BRA 2012 has 5,200 precious sapphires, amethysts, rubies and white, pink and yellow diamonds arranged creatively and meticulously to form flowers. It also has 18 carat pink and yellow gold and a 20 carat white diamond. It has a stunning matching belt and made exclusively by London Jewelers of New York.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teen Summer Camp Must-Have

Every teenager deserves some rest from school stuff and one of the many ways to have them enjoy their vacation is by letting them join teen summer camps. They will have an opportunity to meet new friends and gain more knowledge or experience. Always make sure to pick the right summer camps for your teens so that they will enjoy every minute that they will spend there. Sending them to summer camps will be an memorable and different experience for your teens for they can learn a lot of things while there.

There are teen summer camps for teenagers that offer Academic summer camp, Arts/Music, Adventure, Special Needs and more. Also make sure that your kids will bring these must-haves:
1. Comforter/ Blankets             2. Water Bottles
3. Laundry Bags                      4.  Shower Accessories
5.  Eating Utensils                 6. First Aid Kit
7. Sleeping bags          8. Sunscreen/ Insect Repellant

Friday, October 12, 2012

My Forever 21 Loot

I don’t usually shop at Forever 21 but when I dropped by at their branch at Megamall last June and I can’t resist buying these items. In the end, I brought home these loots. I was looking and fitting a lot of chunky bracelets but nothing seems to fit my small wrist. I saw these 2-toned bangle bracelets, tried it on and I’m just so happy that is perfect for my small wrist. I think it costs only P300.

The other one is a 2-leaf necklace, which is around P350. Can’t remember exactly how much they really Been using them ever since and love them. I think I will to pass by their shop again when I go to Megamall soon and who knows I might find some more jewelries or even tops that will fit me.


Bargain Shopping Techniques to Bring on Your Next Travel

People travel for different reasons; it could be business related, a personal journey or just taking some time off to have some fun and relaxation. For most women, there’s something about going to another country that makes them really excited: shopping. yes, it presents the opportunity to see new items and unique ones that you might only find at your destination. You can shop for clothing, shoes, makeups or souvenirs but in your next shopping spree, make sure that you know the techniques that can make you save on your purchases.

A lot of travelers who are in tight budget find countries in Southeast Asia to be the perfect destination especially since your money can go a long way since most items are very affordable. Countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, hong Kong and Korea are known for their night markets and street shops that offers a selection of merchandise for a low price. If you are planning to go to any of these countries, make sure to practice your skills when it comes to bargaining. You’ll be surprised on how much money you can save by asking for a discount.

If you intend to shop on places such as night or street markets, it pays to learn a little of their language. Know the words for “how much” and “discount” as they can help a long way in your bargaining. Most sellers would also think that you are a local due to the basic knowledge of the language. Remember that in popular tourist markets, the prices might still be a bit high because tourists flock the place. Do your own research and look for markets that offer the same variety but are less popular among the crowd, not only will it save you money on shopping but also time since there’s less people looking around.

Essence: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Make Up Collection

I'm sure Twilight fans like me can't already wait for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 to be shown already this November. Whether you are Team Edward or Team Jacob you'll always want to see  vampires and werewolves in the movie and to witness the ending of this beautiful saga. Essence cosmetics ( will be launching the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Make Up Collection in November 2012 just in time for the release of the movie.

The make up collection includes mysterious colors of Lipgloss, Lipstick, Blush, Shimmer Powder, Loose Pigments Eyeshadow, Liquid Eye Liner and Nail Polish.  Twilight movie and Make Up fanatics , don't miss this limited edition make up collection this Nov. 2012.


Music and Me

Nothing beats the joy that I get every time I listen to music everyday. There are times when I listen to fast or up beat songs in my computer to make me dance or move. My table speakers may be in full volume while I’m listening. It’s also very helpful when I feel too sleepy and needed a jolt to keep me awake while I’m beating a deadline on my work. I guess the adrenaline rush keeps my blood flowing and making me wide-awake.

I also have silent moments when all I just want to hear is soft calming music to appease my worry soul. Music with words that are striking and hitting me straight through my heart will definitely make me cry. The senti-mode is on when I’m like that and I’d prefer just wearing headphones so I can really feel the song.

I can also remember listening to the radio everyday most especially when I came home from work. Turning on the radio that I have inside my bedroom was like a routine already. I can imagine my fave DJ wearing headphones while setting all the music he has in store for his listeners. Now that I have my iPhone and the computer, I rarely listen to the radio anymore and that made me miss my fave radio station and DJ.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Wear Same Shirt in 8 Different Ways

This is very interesting, I never thought I can use wear the same shirt in so many ways. Ahhh.. that only shows that I'm not imaginative or creative enough when it comes to dressing up. I'm actually learning a lot on ways to dress up and mix and match clothes. Right now, I think I need to look over my closet and see what goes well into others so I can maximize the use of my clothes. There are times that I wear that same shirt anymore because it will be the same look.

Monday, October 8, 2012

In Love Red Duo Lipstick and Nailpolish by Lancome

Receiving gifts is always fun all the time most especially when you got something the you really like. Giving gifts is fun as well if the receiver can appreciate not not just the gift itself but effort that you did in finding that special for him/her. For the men, you can choose best cigars there is while for women, a red hot lipstick and nail polish can turn them into a sexy hot diva hehe.

This In Love Red Duo Lipstick and nail polish by Lancome will definitely make your lips and nails standout with its fiery red color. Perfect if you want to be noticed or make a statement. Available at for $30 (orig value of $40)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Halloween Inspired Nails

Are you all set for Halloween?

I'm pretty sure that by now, you're already thinking of what to wear for the Halloween parties that you'll be attending. Halloween is not only for kids to enjoy as adults always have time to scare and have some fun.

Just in case you want your nails done as well, check out these Halloween inspired nails that can also catch anyone's attention.

Love this!


I think this is pretty easy to make. You just need to have a small brush so you can make little dots for the eyes.

or you can have this cute candy colored nails with spider, ghost, mummy

Yoga Mats, Bags and More

We all know that exercise is good for our health that's why I see to it that I exercise from time to time. I may not be able to go to the gym to exercise but still I have time to exercise at the comforts of my home. Currently, Zumba dance exercise is my fave as it keeps me on the move. I'll just go online and watch the zumba exercise on Youtube repeatedly and that's where I got my dose of exercise in the morning.

I also wanted to try Yoga as it has its own discipline. I even remember printing some yoga poses that I got online. Next time, if I'm going to try Yoga, I need to purchase yoga mats and  yoga bags that I can bring at the studio.




Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trend Alert: Rose Gold Boyfriend Watches by Coach

Watches are just one of my fave accessories. I could never leave a house without wearing one as it feels like I'm naked without it. These days, oversized watches particularly these rose gold boyfriend watches are a big fad. They became an eye-candy seen on most women's wrists. A lot of styles and colors have come out as well and women who love big watches will have a hard time picking which one they'd buy. I've been meaning to buy myself one of these rose gold watches but my dainty little wrist might not take the bulkiness of it hehe.

Check these Rose Gold Boyfriend Watches by Coach at Price ranges from $198 and up and available straps are rose gold, plastic, leather and rubber .

How to Use Healing Crystal Necklaces

A crystal is a solid material whose components are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure that forms a crystal lattice extend...