Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How To Know If What You Are Buying Are Real Hair Extensions

A guide on how to determine if what you are buying are real hair extensions.

Nowadays, it is not unusual for a lot of people to wear hair extensions. Although the use of hair extensions first became popular among celebrities, it is now common practice for any salon to offer hair extensions. The growing popularity of hair extensions can be attributed to the number of people who prefer longer and fuller hair which can be quite difficult to achieve because it can take a while to grow long healthy hair. For some people who prefer short hair, hair extensions provide them with the flexibility to sport a longer hairstyle during special occasions.

However, if you want your hair to look natural even when you are wearing hair extensions, it is important to get real hair extensions. Among the highest quality hair extensions are Remy hair extensions but if you do not have the budget for it, there are cheap human hair extensions that you can buy, you just have to know how to tell if they are human hair or not.

Contrary to what you may think, if the hair feels smooth and soft to the touch it does not necessarily mean that it is human hair. Unfortunately, the texture of the hair in your hair extensions is not enough to be able to determine whether they are real hair or not. There are many synthetic hair extensions that feel as soft and smooth to the touch but you will be surprised that they are actually made from animal hairs such as those of sheep, horses, and angoras, among others.

To determine whether your hair extensions are made from real human hair or not, below is a guide to help you out.

1. Remove a strand from the hair extension.

2. Use a lighter and carefully light up one end of the strand that you removed.

3. Take note of the smell and how the strand burned up. If it smells bad and burns slowly, then you have real human hair. If it melts into a ball and does not produce any smell, then you probably have synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair will not hold up to straightening, curling, or coloring unlike human hair which you can style any way you want. You have to be careful with using a curling iron or a straightening iron is you do not know whether your hair extensions are real or synthetic because synthetic hair will just melt if subjected to intense heat. The styling versatility of real human hair extensions is one of the reasons why a lot of people prefer them.

To get the highest quality of real human hair extensions, make sure you buy them only from trusted and reliable distributors. LeeBeauty.com offers a wide selection of genuine real hair extensions that looks and feels like your natural hair.

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