Thursday, September 22, 2011

Online Shopping Store for Clothes at Byron Bay

These days, we have become more comfortable shopping online clothing and more. Why not? It can save us time, money and gas and that is a good thing. Apart from that, there are some styles and colors that are only exclusively sold or available online and if you really want those clothes then it’s on your advantage.

Here’s a store that I found and I have to say that their collections has made me glued to their online catalogue. Byron Bay Threads is an online clothing store based in NSW, Australia that caters not just to women but to men and children as well. Their hip clothing collections are apt with the latest clothing trends. They are offering smart casual, office wear and clothes for special occasions. Shipping is free if you order $100 over, that is only within Australia.

Here are just some of the fabulous womens online clothing collection that you can purchase. Available in 6-12 sizes.

clip_image002 clip_image004

For childrens online clothing it’s available from 0-14 sizes, both for girls and boys.

clip_image006 clip_image008

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Single Bag, Large Poppy by Marc Jacobs

After reading some insurance quotes online, now it's the time to find some pretty things that I think you all might be interested in. SInce I'm a bag fanatic, bags of all sizes , shapes and colors will definitely raise my heart beat.
Here's a red The Single Bag, Large Poppy by Marc Jacobs that I saw at

This red bag will definitely make heads turn. It has a necklace-like shoulder strap, quilting, and leather finish. Can be purchased at $675.00. Now, I’m drooling to have one. This goes to my wish list this year.. yay!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Riding an ATV is fun


Just one of the many things to do to have fun is riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle)and I have to say that I had so much fun when I got the chance to ride one even in just few minutes when I was in vacation in the Land Down Under few years back. It sure is exciting and at first I was scared and been thinking negative thoughts about riding it but I conquered that fear.

I heard that there are even ATV riding competitions being joined by many. It can be a little bit dangerous but if you’re armed with proper gear and know how to ride safely, then I reckon accidents can be minimized. Those that are into this kind of hobby or sport can even have their ATV equipped with quality and only original ATV Accessories for its superior performance.

I hope in the future, I’ll get the chance to ride an ATV once again and go on a longer trail.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to Care for your Engagement Ring and More

engagement ring

(photo by  Jim Harper)

Every woman will be on cloud nine when their boyfriends will ask their hand for marriage. A proposal is not complete without an engagement ring and it will become their symbol of unity until they got married. Most men prefer to buy diamonds of different sizes and carats to symbolize their love and commitment. 

Women on the other hand needs to take care of that ring and here are some of the ways on  how to care for your engagement ring. Never wear your diamond engagement ring when doing dirty household chores for it can damage and eventually make it dirty.

Some women wear their rings all the time even while showering but to prevent it from accidentally falling on the sink or the tub, avoid wearing them. Never try to clean it with strong cleanser as you can damage the stones and the whole ring itself. Just let the professionals do it if it becomes too dirty.

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