Monday, August 29, 2011

Sexy and Sweet Crochet Dress from Victoria’s Secret


I’ve always wanted to wear sexy and flirtatious dress and this crochet dress from Victoria’s Secret caught my attention whilst browsing their site. I haven’t tried wearing any clothes that are crocheted but this looks really nice. The price is quite affordable at $79 and also comes in black color.

I'm not sure if this can fit any woman that is on a “big” side but I’m positive that upon seeing the model and the dress, you may also dream of  wearing this one day. Do check out the best diet pills in town if you are in the plump side.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Safety Cutting Tools

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Just one of the essential must haves that we need at home are cutting tools such as knives, cutters, scissors and more. They always come in handy when we need to cut or open something but we always have to make sure that we put them in proper places where small kids can’t have access to them for security purposes. Kids can easily be injured with sharp and pointed tools that we have at home so it’s necessary to keep them away after each and every use.

Not only kids can be injured with those tools, adults can also experience cuts from those tools. Thankfully, there are new safe utility knife, scissors and cutters that we can use. Manufacturers have been coming up with retractable blade  with rubber and leather handles for good grip such as these Martor’s Smart Knife safety cutter.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Centrios Duet Wireless Speakers with IPOD and Iphone DOCK

Centrios Duet Wireless Speakers with IPOD and Iphone DOCK 

If you have an iphone or an ipod, the coolest thing  you must have these days is an ipod docking station where you can have a wireless speakers wherein you can dock your iphone or Ipod. You can use this dock inside or outside your home for your great listening pleasure. Aside from that you can also use the auxiliary input to play your fave MP3s, MP4s or CDs in your room, living room or office. Its price tag is $99.99 at the Source, which is actually on sale. I’m pretty sure my bro will love this thing. This can also be a great gift for techie lovers on their birthdays or Christmas.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sale.. left and right

My Google reader is packed with lots of sale feeds lately. There have been lots of stores and malls that are having sale this month and I'm pretty sure that the cordless barcode scanner at at their counters will be used endlessly. In fact, just the other weekend, I gave myself a treat one again as I bought 2 pairs of jeggings (legging jeans) from Lee and Jag which are on sale that time. How can I resist sale items eventhough I know that I’ll be spending once again?

As much as I wanted to shop again last weekend, I decided to just watch movies with my family instead of shopping alone. With that I missed the biggest sale of Robinson’s mall this year. It’s ok because I know there will be another set of sale before Christmas and the tear ends.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

ProFlowers Coupon Codes

ProFlowers coupon codes Flowers are very versatile gifts to our loved ones. They can lift our spirit, lighten our mood, warm our hearts, put a smile on our face and make our day bright. Sending flowers need not be expensive as well for you can order online instantly without even going out to your florist. Send flowers in bouquet, basket, bunch or with other gifts using promo codes at so you can save and still sending beautiful fresh flowers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Lil Ukita bag

I've been telling myself that I will not buy bag(s) anymore this year for I intend of saving already just in time for the Holidays. But how can I do that if my birthday is coming in November? I always give myself a birthday gift and when I saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Lil Ukita bag, my heart jumped! I have to buy this one and I'm looking into payday advance if worst thing will happen.

You see, how can I resist a bag as gorgeous as this. Made out of pure leather and for sure will look good over my shoulders. Yay, my love for bags will not fade! They will always make me want more!



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