Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Updating a Tired Wardrobe with Beautiful Silk Scarves

Do you ever walk into your closet and immediately feel bored? My husband accuses me of standing there as though I believe that if I stand there long enough, a new outfit will magically appear. But, tragically, I am stuck with the same outfits I've had for a few seasons now.

Of course, I can go buy a new outfit. But, I can't go buy a whole new wardrobe, so I've been looking for ways to update some of my basic outfits that are still fashionable, but are feeling a bit "tired" to me.

The recent renewal of interest in scarves has really made it easier to punch up some of my outfits to make them more reflective of some of the current trends. Here are some little gems I found on Net-a-Porter.

For example, I've pretty much stayed away from the whole "skull" trend, thinking that these prints are certainly more suited to women with a bent toward a "goth" look. But, the Alexander McQueen skull scarves are so summery and fresh, that you kind of forget that they have skulls on them!

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

This one will pair quite well with most of my simple jeans and tees, giving them a quick shot of color and making them a bit trendier.

Another of my favorites is this Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf. This print is so bold, it's sure to rejuvenate some of my basic business suits. I can't wait to pair it with a pale grey number and some cute peep toe pumps.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Print Scarf

I'm also excited about using some of these beautiful scarves as belts with simple summer capri pants and tops. How about this one by Antik with my black capris and a white cotton shirt?


Batik Cotton Scarf by Antik

This one, by Marni, is one I'm thinking of to dress up a pair of beige trousers and a pale blue short sleeve silk sweater.


Marni Silk Scarf

Like many busy working women, I've always favored a pretty basic wardrobe that includes a lot of solid color pieces that can be mixed and matched. It's a great choice for versatility, and helps me to appear to have more clothes than I really do.

However, sometimes these versatile pieces lack the punch and personality that one of a kind prints can offer a wardrobe. That's what makes scarves like these such a necessary supplement to a fashionable wardrobe. A beautiful scarf like any of these can take an outfit from "simply fashionable" to "knockout memorable".

So, if you're tired of the basic wardrobe pieces in your closet, see which of these beautiful scarves can turn your outfits up a notch this summer.

Phyllis Zerkle enjoys writing about fashion and sharing her love and appreciation of versatile silk scarves like the unique and beautiful hand painted silk scarves featured in this post.

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