Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Warby Parker: A New Concept in Prescription Eyewear

I’ve been wearing my prescription reading glasses for a while now since I’m not able to read clearly when I’m texting, reading a book and using my laptop. Going to an eye doctor is sometimes daunting especially when you have no such budget to pay for their professional fee and for prescription glasses that they’ll provide for you. Sometimes I’m pretty stunned to know that prices of prescription glasses increased dramatically particularly if you choose branded eye frames.

In this case, people with financial difficulties opted not to visit their doctor and just let their vision become worst. These days, there are billions of people who can’t even afford to have their eye checked by their ophthalmologist and more so to buy prescription glasses. This is quite heart-rending to know.

I’m surprised and happy to know that there are still stores that sells prescription glasses as low at $95 without sacrificing the quality of the product. Warby Parker is one of those stores who are not only selling affordable designer frames but they are stylish and trendy as well. I’m further awed with their mission to give something to charity because for every pair of glasses that they sold, they give one pair to someone who are in need in many developing countries.

 Why opt for very expensive branded prescription glasses when you can have quality affordable glasses?

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