Handmade Necklace for a Friend

May 02, 2011 0 Comments A+ a-

A friend of mine who migrated in the US for a year already loves jewelry and I was thinking of sending her a nice one even if there is no occasion. I can quickly buy her nice bracelets with crystals or pearls in Greenhills but I’m afraid that it would cost so much when I mail it to her. So, I immediately thought of ETSY.com where I bought bracelet for another friend in SG.

I hurriedly went to the site and here are some of my picks:

image image

Blue storm - blue and black handmade necklace from silver plated wire from veranasta $26/Antique Flower Leaf Branch Bird Necklace from SmileSophie $19

There are tons of nice items there at Etsy and you need time to look for nice one

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