Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fashionable Gold Accessories

I wanted to invest on some nice gold jewelries for they will not go out of style. Whether it is real or fake gold accessories, they are real eye-candy for me. In fact, using them can jazz up my drab attire and make it to a fabulous look that is a sure head turner.

Let me share may great finds for today and I’m just so excited to see them. I also have to hit the store next weekend as some shop are having huge sales as I heard. Here are some of my fabulous finds.


Judith Jack 'Crossroads' Round 2-Tone Ring

Judith Jack 'Crossroads' Round 2-Tone Ring $250 Nordstrom
Yves Saint Laurent Arty gold-plated glass ring$250 net-a-porter
Anna Beck 'Bali' Flower Chandelier Earrings $190

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