Friday, April 8, 2011

Cleaning and Purging

Ok, I found myself cleaning this morning.

I concentrated on our living area and oh boy I was overwhelmed with all the mess and things (papers, bills, photos etc) that have accumulated through the years. I started checking the things that we have one by one and slowly I segregated the important papers or whatever from those that  needed be thrown away already. I was quite surprised to see that I have lots to throw of give away. The old and dusty picture frames need to be thrown while the photos need some new albums.

I have chucked numerous amount of waste but still there many left to be kept and some thrown away. Ahhh it was overwhelming. I can't just do it half day, so I need to set a side one whole day to clean just one room in the house! Yay!

The house looks neat today and for sure it'll be much nicer if I have done the cleaning all day.


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